La Chasse produce unique prestigious motoring events for driving enthusiasts.  Our road rallies differ existing rallies/tours as they centre around technology (app-based) around undisclosed routes we've curated. La Chasse events are competitive with points awarded based on navigation, challenges and driving to designated objectives. As your team progress and navigate through the objectives, you will be discovering stunning locations, local culture and exceptional roads that we have pre-planned for you. Our technology led events offer an exciting and engaging driving experience for you and your passenger. 

We have re-designed the traditional road rally/tour to create a memorable new event format for petrolheads to participate in.

We have re-designed the traditional road rally/tour to create a memorable new event format for petrolheads to participate in.

One focus for our events is to ensure that both the driver and co-pilots are equally engaged throughout the journey to make it accessible for avid enthusiasts to team up. We provide each team with an iPad which runs the La Chasse navigational assist app (market first technology), which provides a truly unique experience for each team on the road rally. Throughout the event, clues and navigational assists will drop into the Co-pilots app to help instruct their team to drive to each waypoint we have crafted. We have selected amazing driving roads with scenic views and combined this with dynamic game elements for navigation and a points based chase to increase competition between teams.


Each event features a lead vehicle, known as the "Hare" car.  This will set off at the start of the event and leave clues for your team to solve with our navigation assist technology - our own app created for an iPad (we provide one per team).  Your team is tasked with both solving unfolding challenges/clues in the app to reach each checkpoint successfully, alongside aiming to locate the Hare car for maximum points.  

Points are awarded for a variety of criteria throughout the event and you will be competing with other teams and their choice of car and co-pilot. Even though we encourage owners with high performance cars to attend, this isn't a race or timed competition - it is an objective and points based road rally. Our event format, ethos and app is designed to respect the public and any applicable road laws. Due to our points system, a less powerful car with good driving/navigation and teamwork skills can equally steal the victory too - it all relies on teamwork.


'La Chasse Events' offers the perfect excuse to take off your car cover, open the garage and turn the key.
Team "fancy trousers" half way through a road rally

Team "fancy trousers" half way through a road rally

What do I need?

The essentials event requirements are as follows :

  1. A car. Ideally something interesting that can seat at least 2 individuals. (Sorry BAC Mono owners..)
  2. A co-pilot or team. Although each event has different requirements, every event will require at least 1 trusty co-pilot to help you navigate to the objectives. 
  3. We aim to provide everything else (except fuel). It's a managed experience. Whether it's an iPad with our technology or accommodation and dinner, we will include it in the cost of the event unless otherwise stated.  
A competent driver and co-pilot combination will create a formidable team.

We include accommodation and a variety of catering options in our unique events to make your journey an easy as possible and ensure the focus is on the driving experience and team comradeship. Simply turn up and we'll manage the rest. We offer car club and also corporate packages for team building events or employee rewards. Get in contact and we'll discuss the options with you.

Any other specific requirements will be provided in the briefing upon signing up to the event.

We offer a selection of packages on each event to include accommodation/catering when an event spans multiple days with travel over large distances. Other services such as car preparation, storage, shipping and rental can be provided too. 

So, what are you waiting for..?


Team La Chasse - Who are we?

We are a collection of Motoring enthusiasts who are passionate about driving and motoring.  We designed 'La Chasse Events' to create a totally new experience and to create an alternative to the existing traditional road rally format. 

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Car Culture

Our events encourage like-minded enthusiasts to take out their pride & joy on bespoke, luxury events like no other in the market.  'La Chasse Events' offers the perfect excuse to take off your car cover, open the garage and turn the key.

Our goal was to redefine the Classic Road Rally and bring it into the 21st Century. We now combine our own technology with a fresh format to create truly memorable motoring events. The technology that powers our events is designed from the ground up to be dynamic, which means each and every one of your 'La Chasse' experiences will be totally unique. Together we create stories and memories, but best of all you will have like-minded petrolheads to share them with.